This is Innovastart


We help innovations to take off. Publish a Pitch Deck of your brilliant business idea, or explore for a new business opportunity.  

Create new jobs

Get involved and work in a growing innovation community as a student, professional consultant or partner.


We always want a good relationship with partners. It´s essential when developing business ideas and services.

Work together

Accept help and share your advices and experiences. Assist in Promoting business ideas and take part in events.

User Association

We are as a user association entirely focused on to help you elaborate your Business idea. And donations are welcome!

Create new jobs

Engage as a co-worker and create a job for yourself


How to be an Co-worker step-by step

The more ambitious amongst us who wants to do something extra, you can engage in different roles in the creation of your own innovation network. Find a role that suits you as a volunteer, ambassador, innovation advisor or partner.

You sign a confidentiality agreement and begin shaping a simple project plan. That´s a good start!

Contact us

Once we have established a contact, we discuss a suitable role you are interested in and create a roadmap.


Become a Volunteer and Innovation Ambassador 

Let your friends at your school, university or company discover that there are a network and community under construction that is aimed at anyone who wants to develop Business ideas.

  • Visit corporate associations and companies to describe the possibilities.
  • Inform about innovations and various events and meetings.
  • Be a contact person and inform students of ideas and help in a first stage.
  • Sell business packages to companies and organizations.
  • Create an innovation network and help us promote Business ideas.

What benefits do you obtain when you take part?

  • Make Use in your resume (CV)
  • Get recommendations in e.g. LinkedIn.
  • Building innovation networks
  • Contact opportunity for companies.
  • Make money from selling our business package.
Become an Innovation Advisor or Partner

Assist in the various stages of innovation development at schools, universities, and companies.

  • Visit corporate associations and companies to describe the opportunities
  • Give support and knowledge about Innovastart working methods.
  • Add skills and know-how.

What benefits do you obtain when you take part?

  • Make Use in your resume (CV)
  • Get recommendations in e.g. LinkedIn.
  • Building innovation networks
  • Contact opportunity for companies.
  • Get knowledge and experience regarding innovation work.
  • Make money from selling our business package.
  • Make money as a consultant.
  • Become a Partner.


A good relationship with partners is essential when developing and offering services to our innovation community

Partners represent valuable knowledge and skills in areas as, Technical know-how, Education, Marketing, Financing, Traveling and so on. To highlight our partner’s importance in developing our community, we have designed a nice badge which partners can be marketing on websites and other places where it is clearly visible. Badges will be available in gold, silver and bronze. Gold reflects a very substantial commitment, silver shows a commitment in many areas, and bronze shows that the partner supports innovation work in general. matter if you’ve used a visual page builder before, with Brizy you’ll be a pro the second you start using it.

Work together

Innovastart is planning to open a forum.

But we need resources to be able to initiate such a project. We are not there yet. It will be part of our innovation community. We hope to bring together investors, incubators, science parks, students, businesses, and innovators at one place – our Marketplace. Here we will discuss and help each other developing business ideas into innovations. That creates new jobs in a sustainable environment.

Support Innovastart User Association

The way to a sustainable future

We at Innovastart understand that everyone at some point in life has an idea, and a dream to accomplish it, whether it´s a Business idea for a new product, a service, or something else. We know there are obstacles when you elaborate on the business idea. The most common reason is difficulties to find financing and experts who can help. As a User Association, we are focused to help you pass those obstacles. We build various solutions and tools that bring together and connect stakeholders on the innovation market. This is our way to contribute to social engagement and a sustainable future. 

`Claes Norinder, CEO & Founder´

This form of donation is for you who want to encourage our development of groundbreaking innovation services. You also get a Donation membership for free!. Thank you for your great support.

Donations are welcome!

Become a Donation member!

By donating, you can support Innovastart User Association in our work to help innovation to take off. As a company, organisation or person, you can display your engagement in new and ongoing innovation projects.

Please feel free to donate any amount. Click button if you prefer a credit card and fill in any amount. Thanks in advance! 

You can donate and get a Certificate as well!

Donate without membership and get a donation certificate. You may display it in your marketing activities. And if interested, you can get more details on how we use your contribution, if you read about our company in other places on our website.