Use The Marketplace to move forward

On this page and the following pages, we have gathered stakeholders who exist in the Swedish marketplace for innovations. It contains Innovators, Incubators and Science Park, Investors, and Business Stakeholder.



There are many active innovators in Sweden, from young enterprises and student associations to various companies and organisations. One good example is the Swedish Inventors Association (Svenska Uppfinnareföreningen) which is a network for inventors and small business owners.
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Business organisations

Innovastart works together with companies and business organisations to promote the innovation market. We also encourage them to share their project ideas on You can check our lists of companies, incubators and science parks by following the link 
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There are various ways to get the funds you need to put your idea into action. These include financing through ALMI, Vinnova, Tillväxtverket, Angel investors, Venture Capital Associations, Crowdfunding – and even your friends and family. Funds and foundations are also available options. 
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