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This is for everyone and it´s Free! Innovators & Entrepreneurs: Do you have an idea, an improvement of something that already exists, a solution to an annoying everyday problem, or a clever new invention that no one has realized before you?  Go through the various phases of your business development by choosing the pace and order you prefer. Click the button to register your Start membership.


Start Benefits
  • Start Dashboard
  • Community
  • Pitch your Business Idea
  • Use Innovastart IQ®
  • Create Business Plan
  • Protect your Business Idea
  • Publish your Business Idea
  • Find other innovators ideas
  • Legal templates (Non-Disclosure Agreement, etc)
Start Tools
  • Formulate to pitch your business idea
  • Publish your Business idea to attract partners and investors.
  • Use a Business Model Canvas to test your idea.
  • Create and improve your Business plan.
  • Use Innovastart IQ® Basic to evaluate your skills and Business idea.
  • Protect your Business idea through patents and trademark protection.
Add-on Services
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Marketing


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