Create & Publish your STARTUP Idea

The first step is the Kickstart Business Idea Tool. Write a brief text rendering interest from potential investors. There is an option to be published if approved by a moderator.

Kickstart Business Idea


TITLE & CONTENT: Make a catchy headline and compose a short text. It may appear on a published idea page and hopefully generate interest. You can split the content into four sub-headlines shown below.

Email & Featured ImaGe: Register your email address and name. Then, upload a image associated with your business startup idea content.

Upload & Review: Click the button to upload. Then, we examine your startup idea content. The next step is to publish. Examples are News Hub and social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

What is This?

Use this template to prepare to publish your business idea on a blog and social media to get the attention of investors.

Write a short general description of your idea in the text box named content.

As you can see, four sub-headlines are available, as examples, in the text box. They are; Challenges, Solutions, Customer Segments and Distribution Channels. You can then write content under each sub-headline. We will carefully review your input and eventually post it.

Note that you can use this content in the business plan you probably will create in the commencing steps. We also recommend that before publishing, you read about Patents and Protection. A link is available in the footer below. Good luck!

Update form & upload for review

Don´t add any business secrets to this first official business idea bulletin.