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Innovators & Entrepreneurs: Do you have an idea, an improvement of something that already exists, a solution to an annoying everyday problem, or a clever new invention that no one has realised before you? What should you do? Continue with your Business plan and start a business! As a Premium member takes advantage our extended features and follows the steps described. Go through the various phases of your business development by choosing the pace and order you prefer. Click the button to register your Premium membership.


Premium features
  • Access to services available to free Start members and…
  • Marketing (Extended
  • Get pulse & measure with Innovastart IQ®
  • Explore and filtering for Business ideas
  • Search & Build Team – map resources / skills / mentors / partners. 
  • Create your Funding plan
  • Self Valuation of your Business plan
  • Investment Proposal – First draft
  • Investment Presentation Planner
  • And more…
Premium Tools
  • Pitch your business idea
  • Publish your Business idea to attract partners and investors.
  • Use a Business Model Canvas to test your idea.
  • Search & Build Teams to find resources
  • Use Innovastart IQ® Advanced to evaluate and measure Business plans.
  • Protect your Business idea through patents and trademark protection.
  • Use Innovastart forms for early funding.
  • Do a self-evaluation of your business idea
  • Create your investment proposal-first draft
  • Prepare a presentation of your Business plan
Add-on services
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Marketing


This level is for the more ambitious amongst us who wants to do something extra and get attention.