Powerbanks from BattPow

Powerbanks from BattPow Customers who are on the go and need quick refilling of ... Read More
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Powerbanks from BattPow

Customers who are on the go and need quick refilling of the mobile battery. People of all ages with smartphones that can't be without their mobile while charging.
Rent a power bank and recharge your mobile.
Charge your battery while you have a coffee or while you are in the gym and use it at the same time. When you are active shopping, visiting fairs or traveling and run out of power this is convenient, cheap and easy to find using our app. We have different solutions for all needs. You can charge about 1% capacity per minute. Powerbanks are debited by the hour.
The power banks charging stations will be situated at convenient spots in central places. Chains of Coffee shops, fitness centers, kiosks, and shopping centers or fairs and gas stations.

Date: 08/13/2019, 11:30

Author: ClaesNorinder

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