Secrets and precautions for your idea is important

It´s important you consider securing your assets and ideas. Never talk or write about things if you´re planning to apply for patents. If you do and make it possible to find information about your plans anywhere you disqualified. Companies that professionally work with and fund new businesses have a built-in honor codex that includes NDA, etc., but you can always take a discussion. When it comes to people around you, a Confidential Information letter (Non-Disclosure Agreement – NDA) could be wise.


Simple registration process

Patent and Registration Office (PRV) has a simple registration process that quickly takes you through the first steps. You get protection that extends over the first months.

No fee while deciding go on

No fee is required during first period to allow you time to decide whether you want to proceed with your application or not. It costs 1800 SEK to apply for a Swedish patent, and your application is processed after you pay the fee. Note that this applies to Sweden, and that registration process varies in other countries.

Apply patent in Europe

Process start with PCT

If you want to apply for a patent in Western Countries, you should look for the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) which is a kind of initial assessment of your invention.

Patent for each country

Note that after applying for PCT you still need to request for the patent in each country for which you want to have a patent. If you want to find out more about the PCT follow the button below. It costs approximately 1000 EUR to apply for PCT.

Trademark Protection

Protect your Brand

If you have a service or a product, you should protect your brand before you expose your idea. The brand will officially hold out as the profile of your company.

Exclusive right for 10 years

If you register your trademark at the Patent and Trademark Office, you will get exclusive rights to the brand for 10 years, which can be extended at the end of the period. It is important that you protect your brand, brand name, or the name of your company on time. This will also increase your chances to find investors and partners for your business. A registered trademark means that no one else can use it without your consent. It costs 1800 SEK to apply for trademark protection