If you want to go ahead and work with market analysis and more specifically on social media, here´s good guidance. 


Protect your Business idea

Patent and Trademark protection. We’ll take you through the relevant work process step-by-step.


Publish your Business idea!

Publish an image and/or video no longer than 60 seconds and add short text to highlight further. We will eventually post on our website and social media. However, remember chances for attention starts when you use our services to build a business plan.


The Gallery of Contacts Network 

Of course, it’s obvious to use the contacts you already have. It can range from your family to your friends and, certainly, your other social networking networks at your school, in hubs or at your workplace. Everybody knows someone who, in turn, knows someone. 
Do you have a good mailing list to work with, do not hesitate to make a mailing to those who may be interested? If you have protected your idea and made the effort to create a business plan, then you have a material to show up when the question arises.


The Social media

In social media, we primarily want to focus on LinkedIn, which is a business network. There you should put up a nice and informative profile telling you about your Business idea and attracting contact. 
You can as well use Twitter as a shorter post where you can attach links and pictures. Furthermore, please post a Facebook page about your idea, where you can tell more about it, and post your blog to highlight us what’s happening.


Is your Business idea displayed on social media? 

If your idea can be displayed as an image or video, Instagram and Pinterest are good platforms. From here, you can link directly to Facebook and Twitter an add texts, among other things.
Do not forget about YouTube either. If there are lots of fun things about your idea, do not hesitate to upload your own YouTube channel. If you want to automate your posts, you can use different tools that share your posts to all your channels at once. An example is the Buffer tool. Google and see what suits you best.. 



Adding a simple website for your idea, preferably with a blog, may also be an option.
Then link your blog posts and news from there to different social media.



Business card

Although it may seem a bit old-fashioned, the business card is not an extinct dinosaur. Not yet anyway. The business card is perfect for having dinner, social events, conferences and various events where you meet other people and connect new contacts. Just make sure that you have correct contact information on your card and keep the information short and clear. Business cards can be ordered cheaply and easily online.


For you who have come a little longer,

and started up with your business idea, Mynewsdesk can be something to peek a little on.
The service has a fee but gives you great opportunities to work more efficiently and also reach a large network of journalists and different media directly with, for example, blog posts or press releases.