Use Innovastart eco-system to create, analyse and finance business ideas
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For company and investors


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Explore how to boost your business financially. Improve processes and engage in great in-depth exchanges with investors.

As a company and investor, you can use a expert investment toolbox for simplifying company governance and digitising processes such as sharing registers, meetings, documents, and e-signatures. And use the great module called; "Emission Support" to promote a seamless emission process and share information with potential investors.

Additionally, users can create a Dealflow® room to access transaction data and relevant facts from other companies. If you are interested and finding out if you are prepared to go for this next level, please learn more by getting in touch now!


Innovation work process Uncovered

Start with Basic tools

Develop your business idea, analyse, improve, and seek funding.

Create a startup business plan

Use our tools to make your brilliant business plan better. Analyse strengths and weaknesses and make improvements. Get investors interest.

Investment Tools Prepare Investors

Use our Startup Investment Tools to qualify your business plan for investors. Follow our Investment Proposal guidelines to create a compelling memorandum for investors.

Engage investors even more

As a Final step, use an expert investment toolbox to simplify governance and digitise work processes. That prepares you to grow your business financially. You will be ready for in-depth discussions with investors. Together, this is the path to success.