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Improve ways to search and review of new Business ideas. Can you search for new ideas to the extent you wish or do they take too long to review? Do you also want to look into smaller but exciting investment objects, but are hampered by resource shortages? The solution may be that, as investors, you can find thoughtful and mature ideas faster and more accurately with a survey we continuously make with Innovastart Innovameter. We undertake to report the development of business ideas and provide the basis for assessing whether to engage and invest.  Click the button to register your Investor membership.


Empower your screening of external Business Ideas
  • Find and review the development of a business idea. 
  • Efficiently assess whether to engage. 
  • Effectively assess whether to invest. 
  • Gives you goodwill internally and externally. 
  • Strengthens the company’s attractiveness as a partner. 
  • You will have access to an innovation network. 
  • Find the excellence of expertise through the service “Build Team.” 
Let Entrepreneurs and their Business ideas become available for your evaluation
  • Get access to a dedicated page to your organization for managing business ideas. 
  • Entrepreneurs can connect and give you access to their business ideas. 
  • Gives the possibility of effective review and follow-up of business ideas. 
  • Use different search criteria 
  • Evaluate development of Business plans with Innovameter®. 
  • Use Innovameter as a model to weigh important criteria. 
  • Get access to customized evaluation tools.
  • Search resources via “Build Team.” 
  • Market interesting business ideas.



This level is for the more innovative investors amongst us who wants to do something extra to find and explore new investments.