Get Pulse & Measure

IQ for Everyone!

Innovators & Entrepreneurs may effectively and clearly demonstrate how far they have come through the effort to create value in their work with business plans.
Incubators and Science Parks get an excellent help to filter ideas and assess which ones are worth investing in.
Investors can more quickly and accurately find thoughtful, mature ideas to invest in.
Companies & Organisations get help with tools and methods to work more dynamic with their own innovation development.

As a member, you get access to IQ Basic. It contains a number of mindset questions that help you to get on the right track with your Business Idea.


IQ Analytics for premium members helps you to improve the business plan. It is a digital form with questions that measure your progress. If you publish the development result of the business plan it can give you opportunities in your marketing and funding.


For Business- and Investor members we have developed a possibility to use special customized analyze forms. You can weigh up or down variables so that they have a stronger impact on the result. As an alternative, you can create your own questions to better fit the purpose of your Analysis.

Your IQ Results will be summed in two exciting graphical views

The Analytics are summed up in various graphs, Detail View and Innovameter® Summary. If you publish the result. It can give you opportunities in your marketing and funding.

The Innovameter® Detail View shows your strengths in the business plan’s different parts.

The graphs indicate the level of progress in creating the Business plan. We present it in four variables.
They are; Control documents, Investment potential, Innovation potential and Market Profile.


The Innovameter® Summary measures the strength of your business plan.

The graph is outlining the four variables into a summary displayed on a scale ranging from 1 to 100. It gives an indication of how far you reached in your work to transfer your business idea to an excellent Business plan. The Innovameter provides a good basis for how to correct and improve. It increases the chances for financing.