Finance your idea

Do you need Early Funding?

You may search for funding in the early stage. At the same time, you can work on your idea and your business plan, which then becomes the basis for your final financing and investment plan.
With early funding, we mean contribution for the news examination and checking technology that will benefit the development and various loans from state authorities, etc. There are also funds and foundations to search. It can be a complement to obtain contributions in the early stages with the help of the form. Note that you must have signed a membership to have access to the digital forms. 


Do you try to get financing of your Business Plan and Operations?

Have you thought about what your Business Plan and business are worth? This step is necessary to be able to raise capital to fund your development. You better prepare yourself. There will very likely be a due diligence of the entire business concept.

Start reasoning about how much funding is required to put your business on its feet. Before you start meeting investors, you need to think carefully about how much capital you can ask for, and what share of your business you are willing to trade for it. Innovastart has a service to perform this analysis. The starting point is a form to fill in, a Self-valuation of the Business Plan. Note that you must have signed a membership to have access to the digital forms.


Would you consider getting help with capital and a partner?

The purpose of this step is to prepare a dialogue with e.g. investors and others interested in your Business Plan. Stakeholders expect you to present your plan in detail and will probably examine it carefully. The better prepared you are for your business the easier it goes.

Finding investors and negotiating the deal can be difficult and demanding. We can help you shape an offer and to seek financing. Innovastart gives you an opportunity to get access to the digital form “Investment Proposal -First draft.”  The form contains simple questions you can prepare yourself to answer before we together begin to formulate an interesting investment offer.  Note that you must have signed a membership to have access to the digital forms. 


Compose your Business presentation and pitch to investors

We have tools that you can use when creating comprehensive and detailed accounts of your Business plan for investors and others.
You need to prepare yourself prior to a meeting with potential investors. To offer your idea to investors, you need to create a business presentation. Usually, this is up to maybe 20 minutes long presentation that has to cover all aspects of the business. It should be prepared both verbal and in the text. However, do not assume that you automatically get attention for your business plan because you believe it is ingenious, that your plan speaks for itself. You should, therefore, also create a concise powerful Investor pitch in few text sentences or verbally, possible deliverer in a time frame of 30 seconds.

Practical presentation help: 
To help you create your business presentation and Investor pitch, we have developed the Investor Model Canvas (IMC), where you can clarify and build your texts. Each section from IMC can illustrate a new slide to your presentation and your pitch. Note that you must have signed a membership to have access to the digital forms


Crowdfunding & Equity funds coming project…

Equity funds for shares and options in companies that we help with financing.
Fund your business idea together with us and our partners.