Use Innovastart eco-system to create, analyse and finance business ideas
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Innovastart frequently asked questions - FAQ, helps you to create content, analyse and finance your business ideas. Have investors and organisations explore your business opportunity. Read more at

What is

Entrepreneurs and innovators can use Innovastart's tools to improve their business ideas. Also, we assist investors, incubators, and science parks in finding new investment opportunities. Another goal is to help co-workers find different job opportunities. This FAQ link takes you to

innovastart create analyse finance ideas. FAQ about ideas
Who can use

At innovastart, we gather investors, incubators, science parks and various stakeholders of students, businesses, and innovators in one place. Check to see if you can find what you are searching to reach. You find the innovastart website also useful if you is an Innovator or Entrepreneur and have potentially profitable brilliant business ideas you want to create, protect, publish, analyse and finance. Alternatively, if you represent a Company, Incubators & Science Park or investor, you can use to identify and invest in really fresh new business opportunities. Read more...

How do I use

Use innovastart templates for Pitch Deck, Web-Stories, Business plans, Investment proposals and so on to boost your ideas and business plans. Alternatively, as a company, incubator, science Park organisation or investor, you may be searching for brilliant business ideas to invest in to get better profit. Explore attractive business ideas, increase skills, find new co-workers, collaborate and find new business partners. Read more...

How do get contact at

We would like to try to answer all questions, click here to get to the contact form, and we will respond as soon as possible. Read more...

Why should I use

We have as a user association entirely focused on to help you elaborate your Business idea. We know there are obstacles when you elaborate the business idea. The most common reason is difficulties to find financing and experts who can help. As a User Association, we are focused to help you pass those obstacles. We build various solutions and tools that bring together and connect stakeholders on the innovation market. This is our way to contribute to social engagement and a sustainable future.

How can I improve my startup idea and business plan to reach investors and get funding?

Begin using (1)IDEA START CREATOR. If you have a great business idea, seek funding using IDEA EARLY FUNDING. As the next step, use the (2)IQ IDEA ANALYSER to improve your startup idea. Next, use findings from earlier work in the (3)BUSINESS PLAN CREATOR. To Improve your marketing plan, analyse your business plan with the (4)IQ BUSINESS PLAN ANALYSER. In the animation below are other steps 5-6 shown. Read more at Finally, take advantage of Media toolkits. Some examples are found at To read more, register for membership at

What is unique about the innovation eco-system?

The eco-system describes how you may create and publish ideas, prepare business plans and formulate investment proposals. Unique tools are the Questionnaires for analysing and financing from start to finish. This FAQ link take you to See animation and Read more...

How do I create an Pitch Deck?

To get started, use a Pitch Deck Business Idea template. It contains a main headline and short description of Challenges, Solution, Market Segments, Distribution channels and Contact details. Next, create a Pith Deck Business Plan. Read more...   

How do I create Webstories?

With a newly introduced web tool with ready-made templates, you can use or create your own. You can use short headlines and pictures to describe your brilliant business idea. The templates are designed for mobile and identified by search engines.. Read more...  

What is the Innovation News hub?

The Innovation News hub includes great content created for investors and organisations by innovators and entrepreneurs. You find business ideas seeking skilled resources, capital and collaboration. The News hub has a Blog, awesome Business ideas, Pitch Deck presentations and some other headlines. Explore and find great investment prospects. Read more...

How do I know my business idea is well-founded - Use IQ !

Use IQ to get Pulse & Measure strength of Business Ideas. We call it IQ®. It´s an abbreviation of Innovation Quality. IQ is useful for everyone; Innovators, Organizations and Investors. For example, can innovators start taking pulse of the business idea, and find out if reasonably prepared to go further. Then use the Innovastart IQ to measure the strengths and shortcomings in business idea to improve your marketing opportunities.  Read more...