Here are answers to frequently asked questions

What is innovastart.se?
Innovastart.se is a platform for anyone who wants to realise a business idea and become part of the innovation development
Does it cost anything to become a member?
It’s free to create an account and became a member at innovastart.se. But we have also different chargeable membership levels for those who like more service and tools.
How do I become a member?
Click “Register” at the top of the navigation to the right and choose the type of member you want to become. There are different categories of membership:
Start is a Free membership. As an innovator, you got means start to raise your Business idea into a great innovation.
Premium membership gives you tools to analyses and how to improve your Business plan and financing path.
Business membership focal point is on needs intended for companies, organisations, investors and incubators.
Investor membership focal point is on needs of investors.
Additional membership profile:
Co-worker membership. Engage as a co-worker and find a role that suits you.
Why should I become a member?

At innovastart.se, we believe that everyone has ever had an idea. We also believe that collaboration can make these ideas a reality. You can use our platform innovastart.se where we facilitate this collaboration by enabling you to tell and report your idea or contribute to someone else’s projects with knowledge, resources and networks.
Whether you are an individual innovator, company, investor or organization, we believe in innovastart.se that everyone will be able to create tomorrow’s businesses and innovations.

How does innovastart.se work?
Innovastart.se is based on members’ dedication and ideas.
Can I have the same email address for different member accounts??
Unfortunately, you cannot use the same email address for multiple member accounts at the same time.
I cannot find the answer to my question!
We would like to try to answer all questions, click here to get to the contact form, and we will respond as soon as possible.