Create a Business Plan step-by-step

You need a business plan when interested ask questions about your business idea and how you intend to implement it. We’ll take you through the process step by step. A proper start is to pitch your business idea in a few sentences. We show how. Then continue with a Business Plan. Be patient. You will discover that you need to develop several areas of knowledge to proceed with your work. In addition, you will get many new insights you will benefit from.


First, the road to success begins with pitch your Business Idea

Do you have an idea or a business idea? You find out by answering three questions. By fill a first concise form, you start a process to realize if you have a Business idea that can be advanced.

Maybe you also have decided to already now publish your idea? We have nice tools for you. Click the button to get started.

You may also consider a need for funding at an early stage of your work process. Become a premium member and we supply such tools as well. Then you get access to an extended user form where you also can answer additional questions. This gives you the opportunity to explore for an early funding!

Next, start to create your Business Plan

Have you now found out and decided that you have a good business idea? Then it´s time click the button, “Create Business Plan” and start to add information to the user form.

Are you interested to know more about Business Model Canvas?

Our version of a Business Plan contains nine headlines based on the Business Model Canvas. If you´re interested to know more about the Business Model Canvas, tick the button below;  “More about BMC” below. Read and understand how to use it as an excellent Business simulation model.

More about BMC...

Are you interested to know more about creating a Business Plan?

Read and find out about our version of a Business Plan. It contains nine headlines and is influenced by the Business Model Canvas (BMC). We have then added titles 10 to 15. Tick the button below to read more.

More about Create a Business Plan...