Business Membership

Register a Business membership

A Business Membership gives you as a COMPANY & ORGANISATION or INCUBATOR & SCIENCE PARK an excellent opportunity. Give your own staff and other innovators and entrepreneurs who are members of Innovastart, the opportunity to join under a common organizational platform. Then, you have access to the members’ business plans. Observe the innovation work progress and have access to Innovastart IQ Analytics ®, a tool which provides the ability to assess status and help measure new ideas and business plans.

Company & Organisations: 

How effective is your innovation work?

As a Company and Organisation...
As a company and organisation, you have time to take a stand for many exciting and creative business opportunities. This may apply to new ideas from the staff about services or products in your company. How do you take care of these creative business ideas? Are they at risk of being forgotten or ignored?
Empower your internal innovation resources
  • Develop business ideas to become profitable innovations. 
  • It creates new products and services. 
  • It gives you goodwill internally and externally. 
  • It strengthens the company’s attraction as an employer.
  • It strengthens the company’s attractiveness as a partner. 
  • It improves innovation culture. 
  • Developing staff skills. 
  • Provide access to innovation networks. 
  • Provide access to important skills through “Build Team.”
Your staff get access to a great innovation package
  • Get access to a designed page, made for your company. 
  • Work Instructions for the staff who will work on new ideas. 
  • Get access to register and manage Business ideas. 
  • Find the company’s Business ideas through a search engine. 
  • Use different search criteria. 
  • Find important resources. 
  • Get access to Innovastart IQ Analytics to measure and evaluate. 
  • Get access to customised evaluation tools.
  • You promote and showcase your ideas.

Incubator & Science Parks: 

How effective is the search and review of Business ideas?

As an Incubator, or Science park...
As an incubator, or science park, you face many challenges. Can you search for and find new ideas to the full extent you wish, or do they take a long time to review and follow up? Do you avoid looking at smaller but interesting investment objects because of resource shortage? We can help you.
Empower your screening of external Business ideas
  • Identify and review the development of a Business Idea.
  • Effectively assess whether to engage or invest in the Business Idea.
  • It gives you goodwill internally and externally.
  • It strengthens the company’s attractiveness as a partner.
  • Developing staff skills.
  • Provide access to innovation networks.
  • Find important skills through “Build Team.”
Let Entrepreneurs and their Business ideas effectively become available for your evaluation
  • Get access to a custom page designed to handle new ideas.
  • Get effective registration of business ideas.
  • Use efficient tools to review and follow-up of Business Ideas.
  • Find all organisation’s business ideas through a search engine.
  • Use different search criteria.
  • Search resources via “Build Team.”
  • Measure the development of business plans with Innovameter®.
  • Get access to customised evaluation tools.
  • Promote ideas


This level is for the more innovative Companies, Organisations, Incubators and Science Park´s  and others amongst us who wants to do something extra and get attention.