Use Innovastart eco-system to create, analyse and finance business ideas
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About Us

Innovastart helps in writing startup business plans and analysing & allocating funds.

Innovastart helps you to create, analyse and finance your business idea
Innovastart helps entrepreneurs and innovators to create and even enhance new business startup ideas. Thus, we introduce great tools to assist in making ideas better. And why not have it all published to get funding from investors? Have them explore new solid market prospects. To reach our goals to support the innovation market, we must be transparent and have a sustainable approach.

Claes Norinder, CEO & Founder

Contact us

Feel free to email us!

Innovastart focus areas

Create content

Use innovation toolkit to create content, analyse and finance. Investors and organisations will explore new business startup opportunities.  

Create new jobs

Get involved and start work in a growing innovation community as a student, professional consultant or partner.


We always want a good relationship with partners. It´s essential when developing business ideas and services.

Work together

Accept help and share your advices and experiences. Assist in promoting business startup ideas and take part in events.

User Association

We are as a user association entirely focused on to help you elaborate your Business idea. And donations are welcome!

UPComimg project

Crowdfunding and Equity funds

Finance your business idea through Crowdfunding and Equity funds. Investors get shares and options in the company.