Use Innovastart eco-system to create, analyse and finance business ideas
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Create Content, Analyse your idea and business plan. Take advantage of the Media toolkit to improve your offering pitch. Have investors, organisations and partners interested and get funding early in your idea project.

Select a Membership Plan

Select a membership plan BASIC to start and carry your brilliant idea a step forward. Select a membership PREMIUM if you´re ready to do more. Both membership plans have suitable innovation toolkits to assist in your endeavour.


Content Creator Toolkit

IQ Analyser Toolkit

Media Toolkit



Basic and Premium

Engage as a co-worker

Curious to be involved in innovations?

IMPORTANT Protect and precautions

Safeguard your assets and ideas. Never speak or correspond about business ideas if you plan to apply for patents. If examining your business secrets with people, always have them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement – (NDA). Read more below about patents, trademarks, NDA etc.


Simple registration process and no fee first period to allow you time to decide.

Apply patent in Europe

Process start with PCT and Patent for each country.

Trademark Protection

Protect your Brand and exclusive right for 10 years

Use IQ* to improve your idea and plans

Take the Pulse and Measure Innovation Quality

Answer IQ IDEA ANALYSER questions to identify weaknesses in your business idea

Take an instant pulse of your business idea. Find out if you´re well-prepared to go or need to improve.

Use IQ BUSINESS ANALYSER to review weaknesses in your Business Plan

Use IQ Analytics questions to estimate more in-depth any strengths and weaknesses of your business idea and plan.

We are planning a toolkit, the innovameter, and innovationGPS

You will gain faster insight into what needs to improve in your business plan.

*IQ® is an abbreviation of Innovation Quality. IQ is useful for everyone, i.e; Innovators, Organisations and Investors.


Explore and invest in interesting Business ideas

Increase skills, collaborate and find new business partners

Innovastart helps create content and analyse and finance business ideas

Explore Innovations

The News hub includes content formed by innovators and entrepreneurs. The purpose is to draw interest from investors and organisations

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