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Develop your idea through collaboration

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Innovators & Entrepreneurs


Do you have a potentially profitable brilliant business idea?


Use innovastart Pitch Deck templates, Web stories, Business plans and Investment proposals to boost your business ideas. You find more detail if you click button below. Read more and get started.

Company, Incubators & Science Park and Investors


Do you want to invest in really fresh new business opportunity?


As a company, incubator, or investor you may explore for interesting Business ideas to invest in for better profit. You may find attractive business ideas, increase skills, collaborate and find new business partners.

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Finance your awesome Business Idea – from idea to market intro

Create a Pitch and scan for early funding of your Business Idea

Do you need funding in the early stage while you are working on your business idea? To get started, we recommend you check out our example of a Pitch Deck template. Use it, and then you’re ready to create a brilliant Business plan.

Investment proposal

Use our awesome templates. You can use when creating comprehensive and detailed accounts of your Business plan for investors and others.

Crowdfunding and Equity funds

Crowdfunding is a coming project, and Equity funds for shares and options in companies we may help with financing. Fund your business idea together with us and our partners.


Explore the Innovation News hub

The Innovation News hub includes great content created for investors and organisations by innovators and entrepreneurs.

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This is Innovastart

Claes Norinder, CEO & Founder

Believe in yourself

❝ It’s time for you to join our community for innovative entrepreneurs and committed members with fresh business ideas. The main ambition is to simplify funding of more visions and new businesses. In order to meet the future demands and succeed, we believe that we must be equal, transparent, and have a sustainable approach in the commitment.”

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Our focus areas


We help innovations to take off. Publish a Pitch Deck of your brilliant business idea, or explore for a new business opportunity.  

Create new jobs

Get involved and work in a growing innovation community as a student, professional consultant or partner.


We always want a good relationship with partners. It´s essential when developing business ideas and services.

Work together

Accept help and share your advices and experiences. Assist in Promoting business ideas and take part in events.

User Association

We are as a user association entirely focused on to help you elaborate your Business idea. And donations are welcome!

Engage as a co-worker and create a job for yourself !

“Find a role that suits you!


Be involved and work in a growing innovation community! Are you curious and want to be involved in a growing innovation market? You can engage in different roles in the creation of an innovation network. Find a role that suits you.

Join the Innovastart User Association

The way to a sustainable future

We are as a user association entirely focused on to help you elaborate your Business idea. We know there are obstacles when you elaborate the business idea. The most common reason is difficulties to find financing and experts who can help. As a User Association, we are focused to help you pass those obstacles. We build various solutions and tools that bring together and connect stakeholders on the innovation market. This is our way to contribute to social engagement and a sustainable future. And donations are welcome!

Contact User Association

Feel free to email us !


Protection and precautions for your idea are important

It´s important you consider securing your assets and ideas. Never talk or write about things if you´re planning to apply for patents. When it comes to people around you, a Confidential Information letter (Non-Disclosure Agreement – NDA) could be wise.


Simple registration process and no fee is required during first period to allow you time to decide.

Apply patent in Europe

Process start with PCT and Patent for each country.

Trademark Protection

Protect your Brand and exclusive right for 10 years

Use IQ to get the Pulse and Measure strength of your Business Idea

IQ® is an abbreviation of Innovation Quality. IQ is useful for everyone; Innovators, Organizations and Investors. For example, can innovators start taking pulse of the business idea, and find out if reasonably prepared to go further. Then use the Innovastart IQ to measure the strengths and shortcomings in business idea to improve your marketing opportunities.   

IQ is for Everyone!

Innovators & Entrepreneurs 

May effectively and clearly demonstrate how far they have come through the effort to create value in their work with business plans.

Incubators and Science Parks 

Get an excellent help to filter ideas and assess which ones are worth investing in.


Can more quickly and accurately find thoughtful, mature ideas to invest in.Companies & Organisations get help with tools and methods to work more dynamic with their own innovation development

Companies & Organisations

Get help with tools and methods to work more dynamic with their own innovation development.

You can identify high IQ scores

A use of innovastart search tools gives investors good opportunity to quickly and accurately finds interesting, profitable business ideas to invest in. IQ score with higher ranking can, for example, be identified.


Investments needed.

Investments needed. Exiting and good possibilities for revenue. Name: Hongfeng ...
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Uppfinnare behöver hjälp – Inventor needs help

Uppfinnare behöver hjälp - Inventor needs help Scope: Sammarbetspartner behövs ...
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More about how to use IQ to measure the strengths and shortcomings in business ideas

Use the Innovastart IQ® to measure the strengths and shortcomings in your business idea

IQ Basic contains a number of questions that help you to get on the right track with your Business Idea.

IQ Analytics help you to improve the business plan. It is a digital form with questions that measure your progress. If you publish the development result of the business plan it can give you opportunities in your marketing and funding.

For Business- and Investor we have developed a possibility to use special customized analyze forms. You can weigh up or down variables so that they have a stronger impact on the result. As an alternative, you can create your own questions to better fit the purpose of your Analysis.